Jim Brompton
Jim Brompton
Fine Art Landscape Photographer  | Canadian Landscape Photography
A few words about me...  
I am now a Master Photographer in Fine Art.... and I have joined the ranks of only a few with that designation in the world.  Check it out at MPIO.  Master Photographers International 
I currently hold the number one Organic search on Google if you search Canadian Landscape Photography or Canadian Landscape Photographer.

 We now live in Kelowna B.C.  and that is where I have my  Canvas and Fine Art print lab. I personally inspect and sign each print before it is put up for sale. We travel around the word to capture our Art and target remote locations to photograph and share. We feature Wave Art and long lens landscapes. We also feature multi stitched scenes which allows the client to order custom sizes and very large prints.The quality of the work produced is refered to as high end Archival Art by the galleries that sell our Art. The galleries often refer to our Art as stunning and extraordinary. Check out my blog post about the feature in Outdoor Photography Canada .....tells you alot about me.......I have recently been featured in Photo Life Magazine where they recommended to collectors to start collecting my work.

My ultimate goal……… to share my Art and travels with others. I started my photography business in 1978. I have had many many images published and feature articles written about my adventures and the photos that come from those trips. It is always nice to see a photo credit or one of my images on a cover on a magazine. The Art Preserve on Millar Ave in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada carries a large selection of my work as does Urban Art in Langley B.C.and Divine Inspired Gallery in Kelowna. I work directly with The Red Canvas Gallery for specialty shows. I have work that is being sold by National Geographic Creative. I have a distributer that sells my Art to Galleries in North America.

Canon products have always been my equipment of choice, from F1's when I shot film to the 1DS Mark 3's and 5DS R's that I shoot now.  I am also an Arcteryx Pro Member, their clothes keep me dry and warm in the field and I would highly recommend them to anyone who spends anytime outside. I am planning several trips in the near future and hope to share the results of these trips through my photographs. I am constantly updating my web site with new photos from all of my travels. I work very hard at getting the shot just right and it makes my heart pound every time I am out on a shoot whether it is photographing wild animals or photographing a flower in Australia, or just a red leaf on the ground. For me the feeling does not change, it never changes.

I am married to an amazing woman (Cindy) and without her support this site would not be here. We have one son Chris, who knows a tremendous amount about digital photography and his help in teaching me to understand the new technology in is a huge part of my success. I have a passion for landscape and nature photography and I hope you enjoy looking at my images that I work so hard at capturing. Feel free to contact me at any time.