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Hanging in for the Shot

Kauai Hawaii

It's all about patience. I can say without a word of a lie that my best photography is because I waited it out. In this capture the waves that day we're not very good.  I could see the sky starting to change colour.  Even though I was exhausted from a day of shooting I stuck it out.


Morning Light

Kelowna B..

I find myself thinking about the 2018 fall even though it is not quite over. It is a short season to capture. Make sure your camera gear is up to the task and have it cleaned and checked before the fall. This will ensure that you do not have any problems.


Cherry Splendour

Orchard Kelowna

We have had one of the nicest falls in British Columbia and the trees in the orchards are very remarkable this year. I have to add thanks to the property owners that gave me permission to photograph their beautiful yards.... this capture was in Kelowna ......


The Golden Arch

Kelowna B.C.

2018 season continues to shine in the Okanagan B.C. Canada ..... This year has been different than the last couple. It started out not as colourful and I was concerned that it would be over quickly and not as nice as the past years....boy was I wrong...the colors are still here and are shining brightly. To capture the beauty make sure at the very least that the polarizer is on the lens.


Fall The Best Time of Year

Canadian Landscape Photography

Fall for me is the best itme of year. Unfortunately it lasts only 3 weeks so I am very busy during that time. Going to all the favourite places to see what nature unfolds is exciting and every year the colors are different.




Summer in the Okanagan can bring hot weather forest fires and smoke in the sky. It also brings thunderstorms and beautiful fruit and grapes hanging on the vines. Kelowna has beautiful beaches and a positive attitude towards visitors..... if you have never been I highly recommend the trip.

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